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Battery Repacking

Is an excellent way to get your tools and equipment working efficiently again. An Akkupak repacked battery is like a brand new one in the original casing. In most cases the repacked battery will have higher capacity cells installed, therefore providing longer run time than the original.

Akkupak’s workshop is equipped with spot welding machinery for battery pack assembly.

Repacking is a good option when:

  • The battery pack is hard to obtain
  • They are not available any more
  • The cost of the original is above your budget
  • Longer run time is required

The process involves dismantling the battery pack casing and removing all the internal cells and components. Akkupak then selects the most suitable Panasonic or Sanyo cells to rebuild the pack in the same way as it was made in the factory. High quality nickel strip is spot welded to connect the cells together ensuring a long and reliable working life. The electrical components are replaced and the integrity of the circuitry restored. After re-assembly, the packs are charged as part of the testing procedure and then returned to the customer.

Types of devices and tools suitable for repacking are:

  • All cordless power tools and tools with built in batteries
  • Woodworkers dust masks and helmets
  • I-Robot (Roomba)
  • Welding mask helmets
  • Dust Buster vacuum cleaners
  • Pruning Shears
  • Measuring devices and survey equipment
  • Auto workshop battery packs
  • Meters and lights
  • Two Way radios
  • Theodolites
  • Custom made hobby packs

Power Tool Batteries can be repacked to a variety of different cell capacities.  Akkupak will endeavour to use the hightest capacity cells that are most practical for your battery casing and charging unit.  There are limiations with cell size, battery case size and chemistry which all have a bearing on the actual capacity used in the repacking process.

Pricing Guide for Trade/Professional Tool Battery Repacking:

Voltage Capacity Chemistry Price Inc GST
7.2 2000mAh NiCd $45.00
9.6 2000mAh NiCd $57.00
12 2000mAh NiCd $69.00
14.4 2000mAh NiCd $76.00
18 2000mAh NiCd $97.00
12 2500mAh NiCd $79.00
14.4 2500mAh NiCd $89.00
18 2500mAh NiCd $115.00
36 2500mAh NiCd $229.00
12 3000mAh NiMH $110.00
14.4 3000mAh NiMH $129.00
18 3000mAh NiMH $149.00

Pricing Guide for us to Repack "Handyman" or "Budget" priced Power Tool Batteries such as GMC, Ozito or Ryobi brands:

Voltage Price Inc GST 










NB: The above tables cover the most popular repacks.  Akkupak does repack other voltages and capacities, so for your specific requirements, please contact us directly for a quote.

Please see the Contact Us with Akkupak tab for our repacking service.